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Compliance Manuals and Support Modules

Save time, avoid mistakes and have a searchable database of Import / Export compliance information at your disposal! Use our software for Import and Export Reference. Licensed for use on one computer, one individual.

*** NETWORK Licenses are available. View screen shots of one of our software applications below.

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Your personal compliance package for Control, Reference, Internal Training and Audit.

Package includes:

  • All Modules & Manual Templates
  • Updates AVAILABLE

I have developed a unique platform to deliver our up to date training modules/references to support your company's compliance effort. I can keep you and your staff on top of changes that occur in Export/Import. REQUIRES 32 BIT Windows Operating System.

Includes these Compliance Modules:

  • CTPAT Module
  • Export Module
  • NAFTA Module
  • Check Module
  • Class Module
  • DITAR Module
  • FCPA Module
  • REGAUDIT Module
  • Value Module
  • Broker Manual Support
  • Broker Exam

Includes these Compliance Manuals in Word Format*:

  • Import Manual
  • Export Manual
  • ITAR Manual
  • FCPA Manual
  • CTPAT Manual


$1500.00 First Year
(includes Manuals and Modules)

$1200.00 Renewal
(for existing customers ONLY)


Alternate options:

If you are interested in the
Export Compliance Package
only, please click here for more information

If you are interseted in the
Import Compliance Package
only, Please click here for more information